Val di Non, Trentino: der Tovelsee, Urlaub im Nonstal in den Brenta-Dolomiten

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Val di Non offers the perfect holiday to nature lovers, who can find numerous trekking programs related to the various lakes of the area: Santa Giustina Lake, Santa Maria Lake or Smeraldo Lake… Val di Non in Trentino represents  the ideal place  for Dolomites Holiday!

Santa Giustina lake

The Santa Giustina lake is situated in the centre of the valley, near Cles.
It is an artificial lake; the huge dam was built between 1943 and 1951. The dam, 152 m high, enabled the use of River Noce’s water (one of the main affluent of the River Adige in Trentino region) for electricity production. The water of the river Noce enters the canyon, creating a picturesque landscapes, which are all well known by canoe lovers. This reservoir is really spectacular, and perfectly fits into the scenario of the valley. It is the largest artificial lake in the region.

The Castle of Cles, still owned by the descendants of the family of Bernardo Clesio, the wise and significant Prince-Bishop of Trentino (he changed the city of Trento for the council, which was held there from 1545-1563), and the ruins of the castle of Cagnò dominate from its height this lake.

There are many types of fish: trout, pike, perch, tench, carp, etc.

Smeraldo Lake

The Smeraldo Lake is located in Fondo, in the northern part of the valley, at 1001 m of altitude. It has a water surface area of about 10,000 square meters. It is an artificial lake and, perfectly located in its alpine environment, it increases its appeal and beauty. Created in 1964 by blocking Rio Fondo’s flow it represents today the pride of the community.

The lake can be easily reached by car, but a more idyllic way is the walking path from Fondo to the lake, called “Passeggiata al Burrone”. The narrow mills’ valley is the gorge - 300 m long and 60 m deep -  that connects the center of the village (from the church) with the lake. It’s a spectacular canyon formed by the Rio Sass, full of geological concretions, fossils and giant’s kettles. The path through the rocks, which at some points becomes a metal walkway suspended half-way up, is illuminated at night. Along the trail an old washtub, where the housewives used to wash their laundry, a Roman bridge and the reconstruction of an old mill can be admired.

More inviting walks begin at the lake and lead to "Doss di Sedruna" (20 minutes), the "Madonna Brusada" (20 minutes) or the Botanic Garden – a particularly beautiful place for the nice view from the high altitude (20 minutes) .

More difficult walks are No. 517 to "Regole di Malosco", the one to the Lake of Tret (2.30 hours and 550 m altitude difference) or to Macaion Mount, on the trail No. 513 (2, 30 hours and 870 m altitude difference).

Santa Maria Lake

Santa Maria Lake, or lake of Tret (1160 m) is an artificial lake near the village of Tret, a suburb of Fondo, in the northeastern part of the valley.

To reach the lake, get to Rifugio Scoiattolo, at "Le Plaze di Tret", leaving the main road Gampenpass, right after the hotel "Le Ciaspole". Left the car at the shelter’s car park, follow the path no 512. After 1 hour walk an altitude difference of 350 meters you will reach the lake. Near the lake a shelter and a pasture are waiting for you, to have a rest.

A curiosity regarding the lake of Tret: every day of the year, at any temperature, a group of local people, at 6:30 clock in the morning, run up to the lake in order to take an energetic bath before starting the working day. During the winter, when the lake is covered by a thick layer of ice, these adventurous sportspeople make a hole in the ice, so that they can take their "refreshing" bath.

Surely this is not for everyone!

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