Nonstal - Val di Non - Trentino: Hotels und Urlaub im Naturpark Adamello Brenta

Eating well

Ferien Nonstal – Trentino: Val di Non in den Dolomiten: Melinda und Trentingrana


Enthusiast "gastronauts", modern-day gourmands looking for simple and genuine tastes are invited to enjoy the "Strada della Mela e dei Sapori delle Valli di Non e di Sole" (Road of Apples and Flavours in the Val di Non and Val di Sole valleys - Tel. +39 0463-601647; A challenging project of recovery and valorisation of typical or traditional products, the road of apples and flavours was also designed to integrate the rich and varied offer of agricultural produce, food & wine, hospitality, landscape, history, culture, arts and crafts under one all-embracing itinerary.

Simple recipes with just a few secret and genuine ingredients are the core of the Val di Non’s rural cuisine. You can see, perceive and taste them in the summer village festival - when perfumes pleasantly waft in the streets - and in autumn, yielding to the tasty ancient Val di Non flavours during “Gli Antichi Sapori della Val di Non”, a culinary event held between October and November where visitors can try different menus and rediscover homey rural cuisine.... Kindness and a smile complete the offer of the numerous typical restaurants of the valley.

In the Val di Non food culture also means living well: thanks to the prestigious homemade production of food and wine the chefs of the numerous valley restaurants can easily offer their guests rich quality dishes. The choice of ingredients is always very careful, focusing on genuine local products made to tradition.


The most typical not-to-be-missed dish during your holiday in the Val di Non is the tortel da patate – (shallow-fried potato pancake) served with various kinds of local cold meats and cheese or with redcurrant jam in a tasty sweet variant. Other typical dishes are strangolapreti (bread and spinach dumplings), canederli (large round poached or boiled bread dumplings) and polenta (corn meal mush) served with game. Not to mention the innumerable dishes made with the renowned Val di Non apples: strudel, apple pie, juices, jams, vinegars and much more...

Typical products


Her majesty the apple: the only PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) in Italy; the Grana Trentino: commanding bows as the prince of local cheeses; the very typical mortandela: a kind of smoked sausage now presided over and supported by Slowfood. These are some of the flavours and quality products that fill the larders of the Val di Non. So, rest assured you’ll eat with gusto in the whole valley! The products made in the Val di Non are many and varied: there are cold meats, sausages and cheese but also popular genuine produce like apples, pears and wild berries, traditional desserts like the brezdel and the strudel and the apple pie made by the valley housewives.

Strada della Mela e dei Sapori della Val di Non e di Sole – the Road of the Apples and Flavours of the Val di Non and Val di Sole is the itinerary designed to offer visitors the chance to taste unparalleled handmade products. The organizing association designs tasty itineraries and gives advice to gourmand visitors!


Still, the undisputed "queen" of the Val di Non produce remains the apple: juicy and delicious in all its assorted varieties (Golden delicious, Red delicious, Renetta...), apples are also the main ingredient of appetizing desserts and cakes like strudel. Thanks to the internationally recognised Melinda trademark some years ago the apples of the Val di Non were awarded the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) label which ensures the high quality of the product. Today over 5,000 families of apple growers are associated under the Melinda PDO appellation and the proudly boast a quality that is both safeguarded and guaranteed!
To discover the world of the Val di Non apples visit MondoMelinda (in Segno di Taio, tel. +39 0463-469299;

You may also take part in the "Adotta un Melo" (adopt an apple tree) initiative: in spring you "adopt" an apple tree of a certain local farmstead and you go pick the apples in autumn.

In the Val di Non autumn is the season to feast on delicacies, with plenty of events where you can taste the local products. Try the apple harvest festival "Pomaria" in mid-October, one of the most renowned events in the valley.


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