Mountainbike um Brentagruppe und Adamello-Brenta-Naturpark, Val di Non.

Mountain bike

The Val di Non, with its mild hills, the numerous country roads winding through apple orchards and the softly undulating landscape is definitely one of the Trentino areas most suited for bikers.
High mountain trails are certainly a challenge not to be missed for expert bikers who can reach enchanting destinations above 2,000 metres along gravel roads and technical trails. Family groups and less trained bikers, instead, can enjoy a pleasant bike-ride among the blooming fruit orchards or the little country hamlets.

The Val di Non area included in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park is part of the “Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Trail”: an exciting ring-shaped itinerary running around the Brenta Dolomites. The trail has two variants: “expert” for accomplished bikers and the easier “country” trail for bike enthusiasts.


“Speciale Percorsi” – focus on trails - is the brand new service of map consultation offered by the Val di Non Tourist Board that allows you to virtually explore the whole territory, choose your favourite itinerary and download it for free on your GPS. A click and a rucksack is all you need!

Mountainbike um Brentagruppe und Adamello-Brenta-Naturpark, Val di Non.Mountainbike um Brentagruppe und Adamello-Brenta-Naturpark, Val di Non.

Dolomiti Brenta Bike

The Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Trail is a ring-shaped itinerary - geared towards two different abilities - that can be done with stopovers of several days riding around the “rock-cathedral” of the Brenta Dolomites, in the western part of the Trentino region. It is a leading project among those of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, signed also by the Adamello Brenta Nature Park in 2006: the trail is composed by two itineraries winding across the Park, six valleys and some of the most well-known Trentino tourist resorts: Madonna di Campiglio and the Val Rendena, the Terme di Comano, Lake Molveno, Andalo and the Paganella, the Val di Non and Val di Sole valleys.

The Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Trail offers the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience getting to know the local culture and its nature, re-experiencing its exceptional sounds and images. It offers a new experience in a land blessed with a varied natural environment and culture.
The two itineraries follow gravel trails through pine and beech forests, their single track stretches reach pastures surrounding the typical mountain dairies, to the edge of vegetation, municipal roads, tiny paths that cross farm pastures and mule tracks winding along quaint villages and hamlets. The trail also passes through the typical agricultural fields of the mountain area: apple orchards, vineyards, cornfields alternating with grazing land; in the valley floors the cycle paths follow streams. Paved roads make up only a small part of the trail.

There are two Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Trail itineraries: they are somewhat similar, but recommended for people with different athletic training:
  • Expert: this itinerary is for really trained bikers who enjoy challenging runs and steep climbs paying no attention to fatigue. It includes gravel and unpaved roads, mountain paths, steep climbs reaching up to 2300m a.s.l. and thrilling downhill runs.
  • Family: seeing this itinerary is enough for families want to ride it. Studied for tranquil bikers preferring to pedal in complete safety, without forgoing some action to remind them they are riding among the great mountains of the Brenta Dolomites! The trail mainly winds on valley floor cycle paths, unpaved paths, country roads and a few uphill stretches.
Bikers can customize their itinerary and stopovers on the basis of the technical features and level of difficulty, of the numerous facilities and accommodation opportunities. There are no fixed routes, so each biker can decide when and where to stop for a rest or a snack, according to their skills and abilities.

Both itineraries offer unparalleled emotions and beautiful views on the fascinating local landscapes of the Brenta Dolomites.

The Expert trail, designed for the most demanding bikers, offers really challenging slopes and stretches. The Family trail, on the other hand, allows family groups to also avail themselves of integrated mobility services such as bike-shuttles and bike-trains, especially useful to overcome the some hard stretches like Dimaro-Campo Carlo Magno and Pinzolo-Campo Carlo Magno, to move from Cles to Mostizzolo and to transport luggage.

Mountainbike um Brentagruppe und Adamello-Brenta-Naturpark, Val di Non.

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