Urlaub Nonstal: Canyons, Wandern, Klettersteige, Trekking im Trentino, Dolomiten.


Carved in the rocks by the valley watercourses along the millennia canyons are part of the enchanting beauty of the Val di Non.
Wedged among the cliffs and the woods, the canyons of the Val di Non are definitely worth a visit, since the trails also lead to castles, hermitages and shrines evidence of rich history and culture. Wavy relief and terracing mark out the territory of the Val di Non, outlined by deep rolling rivers like the Noce and its various tributaries.
During the Quaternary period the valley was covered with glaciers. In the summer months they covered the penetrating effect of the waters that carved the underlying rocks. Then the watercourses gradually became streams and left their mark on the valley gorges. As the glaciers eventually retreated some 15,000 years ago, they left behind a number of streams running in smoothed limestone rocks and often covered with debris. The eroded tracks originated from retreating glaciers later merged in the area where now stands the reservoir of S. Giustina (4 square km, 172 million cubic metres of water).
When the water level in Lake S. Giustina is lower and the underlying “sprawling” riverbed becomes visible - similar to the roots of a large tree – it is possible to see how this vast canyon must have looked like before it was covered with water. The “sprawling” gorges branch off to the north in extremely steep sides, at times interrupted by slopes covered in fruit orchards.
The valley amphitheatre originates from a rift valley and is marked by deep gorges, caves and ravines that stand out against the softer hills of the Val di Non. Among the valley canyons the following are particularly remarkable: the Rocchetta gorge on the southern border of the valley; the gorge of S. Emerenziana near Tuenno; the ravine of the stream Rio S. Romedio; the canyons of the stream Rio Novella; the Doss Busen gorge near Sanzeno; the canyon in Mostizzolo; the canyon in Fondo; the precipice in Castelfondo; the burrone della Diavola ravine near Ruffré.

Urlaub Nonstal: Canyons, Wandern, Klettersteige, Trekking im Trentino, Dolomiten.Urlaub Nonstal: Canyons, Wandern, Klettersteige, Trekking im Trentino, Dolomiten.


When you are in Fondo do not miss the Rio Sass walk, that takes you to Lake Smeraldo if you go farther to the north, and to the hamlet of Vasio to the south on a trail of narrow walkways.
This walk is an opportunity to admire an ancient wash-tub, the remains of a Roman bridge that once connected the shores of the stream, a reconstructed ancient mill and a granite erratic boulder of glacial origin. The trail is flat and the walk takes about 2 hours.

Val di Non is “the” Italian valley of canyons since 2001, when the Rio Sass Canyon was made accessible with walkways and ladders that take visitors down to a deep ravine splitting in two the village of Fondo. Swirling waters, waterfalls and potholes, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites, together with the surrounding realm of nature originated in the past millennia can now be discovered in person. Figures at hand, in the majestic beauty of the Rio Sass Canyon there are 1,100 metres of walkways and over 300 steps along 145 metres of elevation gains.
The excursion to the Rio Sass Canyon is a breath-taking journey through history and geology, along jutting walkways and steps that remain unseen from the village above. After receiving from the expert guides a safety kit complete with cloak, helmet and transceiver, visitors can go down to admire a thrilling natural view, real works of art sculpted in the rocks during the millennia. Drops, waterfalls, passages and drifts alternate in whirling bends accompanied by the endless roaring of the water swirling in the steep gorges. Light filters in and playfully transforms the colours of the rocks making them change at every level - even down 40-50 metres deep. The rocks – separated by drifts of 25 cm or ridges of about 30 metres - are dotted with red and green algae resembling sudden bursts of flames. All this and more make this hike magic and scenic, an excursion to see in person to enjoy the realm of nature. A richness that fortunately mankind still intends to preserve. (For information and booking: Cooperativa Smeraldo tel. +39 0463 850000 smeraldo@fondo.it www.canyonriosass.it)

PARCO FLUVIALE NOVELLA – Cloz, Dambel, Romallo

The "Parco Fluviale Novella" aims at becoming an ecomuseum, putting its stakes on the ecological, historic, ethnographic and landscape features of the Novella gorge. Thanks to its policy of respect and facilitation of the development of its natural heritage in 2008 the Park was awarded the prestigious Bandiera Verde (green flag) by the Italian environmentalist association Legambiente.
Passing through the municipal areas of Romallo, Dambel and Cloz, an equipped hiking itinerary winds along the Novella stream for a little over three kilometres. The trail starts at the “Mulini di Cloz”, which is also the main access route from the village of Dambel. There are quite a few panoramic stops on the way: terraced vantage points from where you can admire the stream and the ravishing effects of rocks erosion.
The project includes two marked itineraries: the short one is approximately 1,800 metres, of medium difficulty and has an elevation gain of 80 metres; the long one is over 3 kilometres and has an elevation gain of 150 metres. It is the latter that takes visitors to the foothills of the ancient hermitage of San Biagio. Today the shrine hosts a fruit-growing farmstead also open to visitors. The trails are adequately marked with vertical signs indicating entrances and exits, trail features, difficulty and journey time. Wooden boards with captions and scientific information mark the points of cultural and natural interest. (For further information: Associazione Parco Fluviale Novella cell. +39 329 8366160 www.parcofluvialenovella.it info@parcofluvialenovella.it)

During the excursions to both the Rio Sass Canyon and the Novella River Park it is recommended to wear sports clothes and comfortable hiking boots. The equipment provided for hiking consists of a helmet, a waterproof cloak and a transceiver.

Urlaub Nonstal: Canyons, Wandern, Klettersteige, Trekking im Trentino, Dolomiten.Urlaub Nonstal: Canyons, Wandern, Klettersteige, Trekking im Trentino, Dolomiten.

A scenic walk


The most impressive way to reach the Sanctuary of Saint Romedius is without a doubt the path winding among the rocks designed along an 18th century irrigation channel starting from the Rhaetian Museum of Sanzeno.

The path starts in Sanzeno just in front of the Rhaetian Museum, on the state road n.43 in the northern part of Sanzeno, where there is also a parking area. Opposite the state road starts a wooden walkway that after running along some apple orchards enters among the rocks along the whole irrigation channel.

The trail runs partly among the rocks and partly on a wooden walkway; it is completely safe and suitable for children, families and elderly people. The walk is about 2,5 kilometres and offers some not-to-be-missed views on the overhanging rocks, that make one feel part of the environment.

The path ends near the lovely 8th marble Station of the Cross going from Sanzeno to the shrine; some more metres of paved road take to the start of the cobblestone slope going up to the Shrine of St. Romedius.

Journey time: 45 minutes from the Rhaetian Museum of Sanzeno to the shrine
Trail difficulty: easy, flat trail. Suitable for both grown-ups and children, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting leading to the mystic tranquillity of the shrine

Other canyons

If you feel like experiencing the thrill of venturing into a canyon of the Val di Non, there are many trails, easy or challenging, short or long, that you can freely explore. We recommend to always wear hiking clothes during your excursions: anorak, boots, cap and a change of clothing. And - of course - don't forget your camera!

The Canyon of Fondo – Lake Smeraldo

The town centre of Fondo is the starting point for the excursion to the gorge of Lake Smeraldo. The most striking stretch lies before you when you reach the little bridge next to the mill, where you enter the canyon. The track then winds and ends with walkways near the lake waterfall. In addition to erosions and lime formations in the rocks you can admire little potholes and minerals.
Journey time: 30 minutes
Track difficulty: easy, with hard courts. Dressing warmly is recommended for protection from the cold air.

Canyon of Gorzana

After reaching Lake Smeraldo continue along the paved road towards the shepherds' hut Malga di Fondo, then take the dirt road and continue until you reach a parking space near a little bridge; the road to Gonzana begins just before the bridge, on the right: crossing a valley rich in vegetation, this road skirts a stream that descends from the hut pastures. When you reach the brook that crosses the road on the left there is a waterfall; if you proceed for another 10 minutes you’ll find the remains of a kiln, where lime was made many years ago. From another bridge on the stream you can admire a deep canyon of spectacular size, created by the erosive force of the water flowing down from the pastures.
Journey time: 2 hours
Track difficulty: forest road, easily practicable. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Canyon – The Mondino Track 

This excursion starts right after Fondo, from the state road going towards the Palade pass, near an abandoned little house and following the track sign n. 522. The trail runs down until it reaches the valley formed around the Novella mountain stream and the old hydro-electric plant. Continuing on, cross the stream and you’ll immediately see a wonderful gorge caved in the rock. The track then goes back up along a rocky side with an iron road and ends in the woods of Dovena.
Journey time: 2 hours
Track difficulty: challenging track with stretches of steep gradient. Safety helmet and climbing shoes are recommended.

Fondo – The Tret Waterfall

On the road going to the Palade pass, about 1 km after Fondo, a sign on the left indicates the beginning of the “Passeggiata strada vecla di Tret”, i.e. the walk along the ancient road to Tret. The road is flat and skirts the top of the Novella stream canyon across the woods; Tret is at about 1 hour walk (arriving near a playground). Close to Hotel Aurora, on your right, you can take a little country road and go admire the waterfall from above; alternatively, you can take the track on the left and admire it from underneath, just at the foot of the waterfall.
Journey time: 1 hour and a half from Fondo to the waterfall; from Hotel Aurora 40 minutes only.
Track difficulty: steep path, sometimes slippery. Climbing shoes are recommended. 

Urlaub Nonstal: Canyons, Wandern, Klettersteige, Trekking im Trentino, Dolomiten.

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